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Example: The edge overheating effect see pages 8 and 9 in the book chapter on advanced topics in microwave heating uniformity Example: A magnetic field loop source (bottom) and an E-field probe at a skull model, fore direct detection of internal inhomogeneities sucg as strokes see HERE for details Example: The magnetically induced power density pattern in a hand 6 mm above an induction coil see the text HERE marked blue for details 



An engineering book Development of  packaging and products fr microwave ovens , (M. Lorence and  P. Pesheck, ed.) was published in end 2009, by Woodhead Publishing (UK). Per O Risman is the author of the following chapters: 
  3:    Advanced topics in microwave heating uniformity available HERE with images in colour (16 MB)
  5:    Measurement of dielectric properties of foods and associated materials
  6:    Microwave dielectric properties of foods and some other substances
15:    Modelling the effects of active packaging of microwaved foods
There are a number of errors in Chapter 1. You may download an Errata Sheet here.

Updated 2016 November 11